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Our History

Regal stays at one of Exmouth's oldest hotels located in its finest regency terrace


The Beacon

The hotel is situated on the highest point of the old cliff-top nearest the town centre, the site of the original beacon, which probably dated back to Elizabethan times. At that time, with the constant fear of invasion by Spanish Catholic forces, the whole of the English south coast was linked by a series of beacons on every prominence, each visible to those adjacent when lit. The original beacon has long since gone, of course, but a modern structure, symbolic of the original, still stands outside the Hotel’s front door.

Moments in time

A royal connection

In 1844 the King of Saxony was known to have stayed at the hotel. The staff may not have known at the time exactly who these bed & breakfast guests were, but word must have got out at some point. When it got back to the Proprietor, he wasn’t slow to spot an opportunity and changed the name from the Marine to the Royal Beacon Hotel, and that’s how it’s been for the past 170 years.

Present Day

Richardson Hotels

The Richardson Hotel Group is a collection of four very individual hotels, situated in the most stunning locations on the South Devon and Cornwall coasts. All offer striking period architecture, breath-taking views and award-winning dining.